COVID-19 has certainly turned our world upside down. In many respects we have been able to look at new ways of doing things. We’ve seen that it is perfectly fine to perform certain functions of a job (or maybe all functions of a job) at home. We’ve learned that our normal ways of communicating with coworkers can be done in many different ways than in face-to-face meetings. And, we’ve had to accept the fact that we have to learn new ways to communicate with customers.

That is where Funeral Connections Answering Service comes into play. Did you know that your families don’t have to feel the disconnect of any changes that may be occurring with your funeral home or other funeral industry related business? At Funeral Connections Answering Service we can keep you connected! By serving as your 24 hours a day, 7 days a week “voice” we can keep you and your families connected. We help you maintain business and pick up new business. Never miss a call. Whether your business has been closed due to staffing issues, illness, or you simply believe it is the safest thing to do, we can help minimize the impact by keeping you in contact with your families.

As a client of Funeral Connections Answering Service, you have many options. Use us to manage your afterhours operations. Use us to manage your phones while you are out doing masked up, face-to-face, business. Let us be your virtual receptionist. You control the methodology you receive your messages and it can be in more than one way. We can even patch specific calls at your request.

Living with COVID-19 is certainly a burden, but you don’t have to live it alone. As a funeral industry support service, we are able to ease the burden of adapting to the ever-changing world we live in today. Our experienced customer service representatives/operators will make sure your families know they are speaking with your business when they call. It’s our desire to keep you connected.

Remember that you don’t have to navigate COVID-19 operations alone. Funeral Connections Answering Service is here to help you adapt to a new normal. Contact us today!