Launch of Mobile App

Funeral Connections Answering Service is pleased to announce the availability of the Spectrum Secure Delivery Mobile App. Our app allows you to access your messages securely and efficiently on your smartphone and tablet devices. In addition, it provides a way to communicate securely with your associates who are also running the App.

When you have a message, a notification will be sent to your device. To view the full message, you open the Secure Delivery App and login. To ensure conformance to security standards set forth by the HITECH Act of 2009, all communication between the App and our server is encrypted. The messages themselves are not physically stored on your device.

From within the App, you can optionally mark a message as ‘In-Process’ or ‘Completed’ and you can send a reply to us if further action on a message is required by us; otherwise, no further interaction with the service is necessary. The App also allows you to forward the message within a ‘Note’ to one or more of your associates. ‘Notes’ are the name given to text messages that you exchange with your associates who also use the App. This communication is also encrypted and conforms to the same security standards as your messages.

The Spectrum Secure Delivery App has an ‘Options’ section that allows you to customize certain behavior of the app. Within the ‘Options’ section you can pre-set short phrases for use in replies or notes, thus saving time when processing messages and communicating with associates. You can also control how long completed messages and notes remain viewable.